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Latest From The Blog

2205, 2018

Study: Loneliness rising in young Americans, more than seniors

Could the loneliest Americans, be some of the youngest Americans? A new study by health services company Cigna found people aged 18-22 actually scored higher on a loneliness test than people 72 and older. "It does not surprise me because of the demands," child psychologist Dr. Valerie McClain said. McClain told us she’s treating many kids that show signs of being lonely [...]

3004, 2018

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

Mental Health Awareness Month was initially envisioned by Mental Health America and for over 65 years, Mental Health America (MHA) has continued to observe May as Mental Health Awareness Month. Each year Mental Health America and their affiliates (such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI) reach millions of people through local events, such as screenings, and through the media. The specific [...]

310, 2017

Managing your distress in the aftermath of a shooting

You may be struggling to understand how a shooting could occur and why such a terrible thing would happen. There may never be satisfactory answers to these questions. We do know, though, that it is typical for people to experience a variety of emotions following such a traumatic event. These feelings can include shock, sorrow, numbness, fear, anger, disillusionment, grief and others. You may [...]


Revolutionary Change Counseling, LLC is a refreshing and ground-breaking approach to therapy. Our vision is to help you explore your past, heal the present and transform your future. We listen to what concerns you to offer guidance and direction in circumstances that are challenging to change. Our emphasis is on achieving a balanced life. You will gain understanding, clarity and a positive outlook to overcome anything that comes your way. You will walk away renewed, aware, motivated and ready to be an agent of change. A change that’s revolutionary is wide-reaching and starts with you!